Within the framework of the program activity, PA “Saodat” carries out the following activities:

Educational programs for rural women and girls in rural schools.

Counseling "single window".

Legal assistance in the process of creating dekhkan farms. Technical support of agricultural activities for poorest women.

The development of in-kind lending (return of seeds) and the creation of joint liability groups.

Advocacy and lobbying for women's rights..

Protecting children's rights through development of juvenile justice.

Prevention of domestic violence, protection of women's personal rights and freedoms.

Protecting women's rights and ensuring access to resources.

Promoting the idea of organic farming at all levels of government.

Effective ways of water supply.

Activity of health insurance funds.

The development of female entrepreneurship in the countryside.

Community mobilization in rural areas.

Participation in the implementation of SDG16, SDG10, SDG5 indicators. .

Public association "Saodat" participates:
- in the organization D \ F, led by women, as well as in the promotion of land reform in Tajikistan;
- in supporting of the development of small entrepreneurship among women;
- in promoting the innovative activities of organization through introduction sustainable biological management method in local dekhan farms;
- in implementation of the project “Increasing the potential of the ВЗДП network for monitoring SDGs 5, 10, 16 taking into account the National Development Strategy 2030”, “Establishing cooperation and communication between different levels of civil society representatives”
- in international and local events through the active participation of employees with obtaining certificates.

PA Saodat is a women's organization (80% of employees are women).