«Nasli Navras»

partner on project realization "Children are partners in monitoring of child's rights in RT' and formation of CRD-Child rights department – on protection of rights and interest of children according "Convention on Childs rights" (CRC).

state structures:

CRD, municipal public education authority, regional public education authority, Committee on teenagers affairs in realization of children programs on protection of child's rights


in Assistance group on monitoring of PRSD

Local authority

in provision of authority on mobilization of representatives of local authority in decision of problems of villages


in realization of project «Durandesh» and «OVCD\Bio-cotton» on introduction of stable organic farming in agriculture


on project "organic Value Development Chain" - in realization of pilot project "bio-cotton'.


on increase of institutional development of organization and conducting of self-assesment

land committee

in fulfillment of ToR on advancement of land reform at places

Women's committee

in advancement and realization of policy on women's situation improvement in all spheres of social life; realization of state program "Main directions of state policy on provision of equal rights and opportunities for women and men in RT for 2001-2010», National activity plan on increase of status and role of women for 1998-2005; is the the composition of gender network by Women's commettee on women's affairs of Sougd oblast.


is in partnership with ASTI on creation of opportunities on increase of its cultural, historical, civil, professional and other kinds of education in the frames of informal and formal education.


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Khukumat(Executive brunch of the goverment) of Spitamen region

Khukumat of Ganchi region

Winrock International

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Commettee on child right by Goverment of Tajikistan, Khujand city and Dushanbe

Ministry of education of RT