Increase of stuff professional level and exchange of experience through participation in various trainings and seminars in the country and abroad

Over period of activity PO Saodat systematically conducts the work on increase of qualification level of stuff through participation in the seminars, conferences, trainings, meetings, and round tables

organization capacity building over 2009:

16 personnel of PO «Saodat» mastered knowledge and skills on organic farming methods;

8 personnel of PO «Saodat» mastered knowledge and skills on basis of efficient water use and irrigation;.

8 personnel of PO "Saodat" mastered knowledge and skills on projecting and operation of drip irrigation system

2 personnel participated in the International Conference "Development of organic sector in Central\Eastern Europe and Central Asia"/10-11 September, 2009 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Warsaw /Poland – participation in the conference of Coalition Karat on the theme «Women's leadership» 1 officer;

Uzbekistan/Tashkent – participation and win in Central Asian Fairy of Ideas 2009/24-27 June 2009. – 1 officer;

Kyrgyzstan /Osh - participation in the exhibition "World by child's eyes" - 1 officer and 2 local trainers - participation in the youth festival "Youth for active civil participation" /3-7 august - 1 officer and 8 children, 5 local trainers;

Regional meeting - ТоТ «Youth development of Fergana valley»/7-8 November - 1 officer and 9 local trainers, 5 children;

Таджикистан/Душанбе – участие на ТОТ «Гендерный адвокат»/16.09.2009г. – 1сотрудник;

ТTajikistan/Dushanbe – participation in ТОТ «Gender advocate»/16.09.2009. – 1officer;

Tajikistan/Dushanbe – participation in the conference Chemonics International Inc /USAID «Land reform and Market development-II»/ 4-5 September, 2009.- 1 officer;

Tajikistan/Dushanbe – participation in the training «Organizational development - way to capacity building of civil society» /22-26 September 2009. - 1 officer.

ALL organization stuff participated in the seminar «Project development »/1-3 July 2009;

All organization stuff participated in the seminar on conducting of self-assesment and elaboration of activity plan for implementation of gender approach in PO Saodat /14-18 July 2009/Kairak-kum;

Training «Debt resolution outreach and support program in cotton growing D\F»/29.10.2009./Kairak-kum-3 officer;

Tajikistan /Dushanbe – training «Human resource management /TACIS/SENAS/ 24-27 .11.2009.

Tajikistan/Dushanbe – Round table Coalition of NGO "From legal equality to factual equality' /UNIFEM/DFID/OSCE/ evaluation of realization of state program "Main directions of State policy on provision of equal rights and opportunities for women and men in the Republic Tajikistan for 2001-2010 years on the results of civil monitoring»/ November 2, 2009.