From the moment of Saodat foundation the following main principle stages can be distinguished:

  • Period of organization growth

    in 1999 only 5 people worked at "Saodat". By 2005 the number of its stuff increased increased to 20 In 2002 organization has passed re-registration as Women Public Organization # 39 г. 11.07.2002 with widening its activity on the oblast (regional) level.
    During project implementation Saodat field stuff members were exposed tot he difficult situation and bad conditions of rural women and also found evidence that the rights of women had been and continued to be violated. In the process of its activity "Saodat" stuff members have deepened their understanding of the situation of rural women and children and more and more have gained their trust. Saodat received support from several donors for the realization of the series of development projects which continue up the present time.

  • Foundation period of organization

    In an effort to specialize the approach and efficient realization of project activities, the personnel who were involved in project realization at "Women and society" founded women organization "Saodat" which was registered in January 1999 №2- 27.01.1999 in the Hukumat (local government) of the Sougd region. .
    Saodat was established in response to the severity of the post civil war social, economic and legal environment and the emerging problem of labor migration. The migration of heads of households and primary income providers left rural women, who are predominantly lacking legal literacy and are without proper economic, social and moral protection, increasingly vulnerable.

  • Primary formation

    first activities were started in 1995 as a member of organization "Women and society", which is in its turn was established by group of women teachers of high schools, who left Dushanbe as a result of civil war in 1992-1997-s. One of the financed projects was directed at the improvement of living standard of rural women.

Period of expanding the spere on influence\activity:

  • 2009

    Development of money crediting and confidence in possibility to work on return terms is proved on the results of conducted experiment by PO "Saodat" through transition of natural (in kind) crediting to money crediting by means of establishment MLO Saodat-Invest Ltd and conducting of educational support.

  • 2009

    PO "Saodat" is the winner of Central Asian Fairy of Ideas -2009 where it took part and win a grant for "Rehabilitation of rural infrastructure through construction of of irrigation systems by support of World Bank.

  • 2009

    In the frames of Memorandum the CIR-children independent republics are formed where attracted talented children of 5 Spitamen schools and 1 school of Ganchi region. Children conducted series of activities, debates, competition of poem reciter, puppet show and etc. In the frames of Memorandum by gender specialists of CAAW trainings are conducted on reveal and generation of women's leadership skills in target regions of Ganchi and Spitamen. Local stuff trainers participated in the exhibition "World by children's eyes" , "Youth festival", "Youth for active civil participation" and regional meeting ToT "Youth development of Fergana valley".

  • 2009-2010

    Memorandum is concluded between PO "Saodat" and Central Asian Alliance for Water -CAAW\ Kyrgyzstan on establishment of Water users Association -WUA, Children Independent Republics-CIR and gender programs on increase of leader qualities of rural women in Ganchi and Spitamen regions of Sougd oblast. (from August 18, 2009 to February 28, 2010) Memorandum is made between PO Saodat and CAAW \Kyrgyzstan on establishment of WUA in Ganchi and Spitamen regions. For establishment of WUA general meeting are conducted among rural population, statute is developed, founder documents are prepared, minutes of meetings, references of location for registration of WUA "Obi toza" by name in Spitamen and "Hazorchashma' in Ganchi regions.

  • 2009

    In 2009 PO "Saodat" participated in the procedure of certification of of civil society organizations organized by Commission with attraction of representatives of Government of RT, president counsel on cadre policy, chamber of deputies «Majlisi namoyandagon МО RT», Ministry of Justice, international organizations and NGO. Upon completion of procedure to PO Saodat is granted the Certificate of conformity

  • 2008

    Execution of ToR of IFAD on Debt resolution outreach and support program to dekhkan farms in Khatlon and Sougd oblast.

  • 2008

    The brunches are established under organization in target regions. The brunch of PO "Saodat" office in Spitamen region and in Ganchi region as well. In 2008 under brunch office of PO "Saodat" in Ganchi region was established the Resource centre on approbation of introduction of organic farming in agricultural production.

  • 2006

    In 2006 Saodat decided to wide the area of activity on projects and passes re-registration in the Ministry of Justice - № 1808 from September 27 , 2006 thus gaining the republic status and in 2007 in connection with adoption of new legislation about public organizations in Tajikistan the organization has passed re-registration in August 29, 2009- № 127 "А" and gained status of Public organization "Saodat".